reading group


Every second Wednesday

10am Quito | 3 pm Accra | 3pm London | 4pm Brussels | 8.30pm Delhi

We are currently reading  ‘On the Postcolony’ by Achille Mbembe. 


From the book cover:

“This thought-provoking and groundbreaking collection of essays—his first book to be published in English—develops and extends debates first ignited by his well-known 1992 article “Provisional Notes on the Postcolony,” in which he developed his notion of the “banality of power” in contemporary Africa. Mbembe reinterprets the meanings of death, utopia, and the divine libido as part of the new theoretical perspectives he offers on the constitution of power. He works with the complex registers of bodily subjectivity — violence, wonder, and laughter — to profoundly contest categories of oppression and resistance, autonomy and subjection, and state and civil society that marked the social theory of the late twentieth century.”

The reading group is open to everyone and provides a space to engage into discussion and exchange with like-minded. No prior knowledge is required.

29 September – Introduction

13 October – Chapter 1- Of Commandement

27 October – Chapter 2 – On Private Indirect Government

10 November – Chapter 3 – The Aesthetics of Vulgarity

24 November – Chapter 4 – The Thing and Its Doubles

8 December – Chapter 5 – Out of the World

22 December – Chapter 6 – God’s Phallus and Conclusion

All welcome.